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"Hunde kommen, wenn man sie ruft. Katzen nehmen deine Nachricht zur Kenntnis und kommen eventuell später darauf zurück."
(Mary Bly) ** Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore Says Climate Change Based On False Narratives ** UN & WEF Are Behind Global War On Farmers ** Ex-Freemason Revealed The Satanic Secrets Of International Freemasons! ** Eating Insects as we Freeze in the Dark **Ex-Freemason Revealed The Satanic Secrets Of International Freemasons! **LEAKED FOOTAGE: Israeli health minister plotted to manipulate covid vaccine expert report to avert litigation **After 9/11 America secured airplane flight decks to stop the deaths; after the Covid-19 vaccine holocaust, it’s time to SECURE OUR CHILDREN against Big Pharma terrorism **Let’s Talk America with Dr. Alan Keyes: America is being UNDERMINED by leftists attempting to distort and revise the nation’s history, warns Larry Schweikart – Brighteon.TV ** mein VK.COM

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TOPIC 6: Chemtrails - der Krieg am Himmel TOPIC 7: 5g-Impfung & Graphenoxid TOPIC 8: Sie lügen wenn sie lügen TOPIC 9: Visionen zur Endzeit TOPIC 10: Corona ein Rassenkrieg? TOPIC 11: Die Maske: Okkultes Symbol?